About Us

We understand you


 I hate having my photo taken. Seriously, that’s me, the introvert who has the camera so she doesn’t have to be in photos. Yep, I understand your pain. Maybe when I’m a little thinner, or, my hair is a little longer, or, you fill in the blank, I’ve got all the excuses. So I understand your reluctance to get in front of the camera. But here’s the deal. We have families that we want to remember and cherish: just the way we are! 

photo credit: Susan Magnano, Photour Adventures

We give back


Proceeds from your portraits fund portraits for our special needs community.  These families have so many expenses and family photos just aren't on the list!  Thanks for helping me  to help others in our community.

We want your portrait experience to be memorable


 We’re messy, imperfect, and real. 

I understand family; I have my own. I'm dedicated to preserving yours in photos that you will have on your walls at home. I understand that laughter, tears, joy and sorrow are all part of our existence. I want to be there to help you document it all. Families are messy: they're blended, extended, and just plain upended! I'm the oldest of 6, Stepmom of 2, Aunt to 16 and Great Aunt to 9! I get family drama and I'll be there to laugh and cry with you through it all.